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What Is The Wig Made Of


Generally, wigs are divided into two materials, human hair and fiber silk. From the material of the hair, there are fiber hair, high temperature silk and real human hair.There are three types of wigs according to material, including real human hair wigs, chemical fiber hair wigs, and human hair and chemical fiber mixed hair wigs.

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Two Materials Of Wigs, Human Hair And Fiber Silk.

The two types of wigs are suitable for different groups of people. If you are a hair loss person and want to buy a covered wig for a long time, I suggest you buy real hair and real hair wigs. Good care, the effect will be more realistic than fiber silk. Fiber silk is more suitable for wearing a wig when it is okay. It is not recommended to wear it for a long time!

Fiber Hair, High Temperature Silk And Real Human Hair.

At present, these are the three types. Fibrous hair is the kind that is very bright and fake but very cheap. High-temperature silk also has quality. Good high-temperature silk is more expensive than real human hair. Real human hair is real hair. Often people with large speakers in their homes receive their hair. There are mechanical and manual processes, and semi-manual and semi-mechanical ones. Different processes have different air permeability, comfort and effects.

Real Human Hair Wigs, Chemical Fiber Hair Wigs, And Human Hair And Chemical Fiber Mixed Hair Wigs.

Real hair wigs are made of real human hair. The wig of this material is very realistic in terms of color and texture, and it is more comfortable to wear. Synthetic hair wigs are made of chemical fiber filaments. This kind of wigs are bright in color and durable in shape, but the texture is still relatively fake. It can be used for cosplay or occasional play. Human hair made of synthetic fiber with different proportions according to the hairstyle needs not only the realistic color and texture of human hair, but also the full and long-lasting release effect, so this type of wig is still more popular among consumers in wig shops

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