Theory of Wigs

by:Fayuan Hair     2020-07-21
In ancient Egypt the wigs existed, but involved with carried to the stage of history by imperial power. In ancient Greece and Rome, the tresses are a symbol of the identity; the authorities might have a lot of braids. The Romans even attemptedto allow Parliament to pass 'Baldy decree' to prohibit the bald man running for Congress, bald slaves can only be sold at half price. Louis XIV, Queen Elizabeth I of England is famous of loving to wear red full lace hairpiece. After the founding of the You.S, the North American continent had been set off the wave of wigs. When 'LADY GAGA' wore a radial issued celebrity wigs in the International Electronics Show, the world was shocked, and this crazy but fashionable lady let the wig become the touchstone to test stage of narcissism and the courage. However, if period came back to 300 years ago, the wig is the fruit born on the tree of vanity. In the winter of 1751, best of luck and bad luck occurred to french thinker Jacques Rousseau, he got a decent job at first, but later were serious illness. Only in Damon and Pythias people could be ready to understand the meaning of life, coping with illness Rousseau create a determined effort to change his own way of life. He threw away the sword, finery, white stockings, sold his watch, properly gave up the job, 'I keep only a short toupee and a rough sweater'. When Natalie Portman in the movie 'Closer' wearing pink Gracie Wigs issued in the stripper club, through the mass influence for the film, wigs reconstructed as fashion toys of sexy girls. Also when the anime fans wearing lace front wigs in COSPLAY carrying swords stood in front of you, wigs are no longer a sign of vanity clusters, it really tell you how the one who wearing a wig 'd like to become another style . Kesha wearing a wig like the peacock by no means wanted to become another self; she wanted everyone to become her. When fans was franticly worship the style godmother, perhaps her mood was like Louis 14, I conquered the world, only used these wigs. Why retains a wig, the thinker Rousseau is often a person of pride? I am afraid states from the atmosphere of the years. If you want learn more about wigs, please pay awareness to our website
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