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Real Human Hair Professional Knowledge


There are many high-quality virgin hair made in China on the market. People may not know much about human hair. This article takes you to know the real human hair professional knowledge.

Regarding Raw Materials

Currently the most commonly used raw materials in China are Chinese hair, Vietnam's hair, Burma's hair and Indian hair. Among them, Chinese hair and Vietnam's hair can be dyed to any color because the hair is relatively thick. Burmese hair and Indian hair are too thin, and if they are dyed too over, they will easily break their hair, so they can only dye some darker colors.

Regarding Hair Textures

Real human hair is divided into Non-remy hair, Remy hair, Virgin hair.

Virgin hair is cut directly from a young girl's head. The direction of the hair cuticles is the same. You can't mess up the hair during any processing step. Such raw materials are the most expensive. Less factory adoption (Note: less than 10%)

Non-remy hair raw materials are mainly hair eggs, hair cutting, etc.

The common ones are mainly hair eggs.Hair eggs are mainly combed hair from human heads, with hair follicles, but the hair is generally soft.Of course, there are hard hair types, depending on age and country.Among them, Indian hair is relatively soft, Vietnam's hair and Chinese hair are slightly harder. Hair roots and hair tips are not in the same direction, which causes the cuticles on the hair to interweave with each other, and it is easier to knot, so it must be treated with acid. To treated with acid is to remove a layer of cuticles from the hair, so that the hair is smoother and will not knot, but the hair is not protected by cuticles, and the service life will be reduced. So the price of non-remy hair is much cheaper than the price of remy hair and virgin hair. Used by most factories.

The raw material of remy hair is the same as non-remy hair. After making non-remy hair into a hair bulk, you can directly use a upside down rooting machine to arrange the hair roots and tips in one direction, so that the cuticles follow one direction,It is not easy to knot (note: can't achieve the ideal effect). The price is much lower than virgin hair. Although the hair cuticles are in one direction, the process of upside down rooting will cause some damage to the cuticles.So remy hair is not as good quality as virgin hair(Note: there are defects in the process, only 70% to 90% of the roots can be upside down)

Sometimes there will be major process problems, the quality is unstable. Some batches are heavily knotted.So generally too mild acid, surface care. (Note: it is easy to be confused with virgin hair due to the cuticles)

The Difference

Virgin hair is only subjected to high-temperature sterilization process, no chemical process, hair texture with cuticles is thicker and harder , It is smoother to touch with your hand without resistance, and some tail cuticles have split ends (the tail feels rough).It is obviously rough to touch with your hand upside down, and the resistance is very large.

The perm effect is good, the elasticity is good, it is not easy to deform, the dyeing effect is good, and the professional is strong. (Note: stable nature, repeated cleaning and care will not affect the hair quality, the service life is more than 3 years). Targeting a few high-end customers.

Non-remy hair (also called over-acid hair) handfeels smooth and soft , without cuticles. It feels smooth when you touch with your hands up and down, hair has no cuticles, is easily damaged, easily knotted, has a poor perm effect, hairstyle does not last long, and has poor elasticity , fast coloring, overall lacklustre. (Short life, usually 3 months). For ordinary users.

Remy hair handfeels good, there are some cuticles. Smooth when you touch it with your hand, and there is a little resistance when you touch it with your hand upside down, the hair is soft and knotted slightly (Some batches are severely knotted). The service life is generally 3 months to half a year, the lustre is medium, and it is used by middle-end customers.

In conclusion, the high-quality virgin hair on the market are all made in China. Indian hair is non-remy hairs, with a small amount of remy hair. Most hair in Vietnam is remy hair, with a small amount of non-remy hair.

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