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Knowledge About Human Hair


There is no such grade as 9a, 10a, 12a in the human hair wigs market, that is only the sales skill in human hair supplier. The hair grade is only related to the hair textures.

Regarding hair textures, it is divided into raw hair, virgin hair, human remy hair. 

Regarding real human hair materials, currently the most commonly used hair materials in China are Chinese hair, Vietnam's hair, Burma's hair and Indian hair. Among them, Chinese hair and Vietnam's hair can be dyed to any color because the hair is relatively thick. Burma's hair and Indian hair are too thin, and if they are dyed too over, they will easily break their hair, so they can only dye some darker colors.

Raw Hair
This human hair bundles are cut directly from a young girl's head. The direction of the hair cuticles is the same, it will not upside down, no tangle guaranteed. You can't mess up the real human hair during any processing step. Full from top to bottom, natural color, mostly are recommended by professional hair stylists for high-end customers, durable, stand washing, which could be dyed and permed as your wish, that it could be dyed in any color you want and any patterns. Such human hair wigs raw materials are the most expensive. Less factory adoption (Note: less than 10%).
Raw Hair

Virgin Hair
Virgin Hair

Mean 100% human hair, can only guarantee that no animal wool or fibers, can not guarantee upside the head and tail. There are 80% of the hair are the same in head and tail, only 20% are reversed, meaning that the human hair will tangle if used for long time. After making virgin hair into a hair bulk, you can directly use a upside down rooting machine to arrange the hair roots and tips in one direction, so that the cuticles follow one direction. This human hair bundles is not easy to knot (note: can't achieve the ideal effect). Mostly used for Multi-acid processed hair. Optional colors, easy and directly used for individuals, non durable, do not stand washing, do not recommend to dye and perm.

The price of this virgin human hair is much lower than raw hair. Although the hair cuticles are in one direction, the process of upside down rooting will cause some damage to the cuticles. So virgin human hair is not as good quality as raw hair (Note: there are defects in the process, only 70% to 90% of the roots can be upside down). Sometimes there will be major process problems, the quality is unstable. Some virgin human hair bundles batches are heavily knotted. So generally too mild acid, surface care.(Note: it is easy to be confused with raw hair due to the cuticles) Used by most factories.

Remy Human Hair

Remy hair materials are mainly hair eggs, hair cutting, etc. The common ones are mainly combed from human heads, with hair follicles, but the hair is generally soft. Of course, there are hard human remy hair types, depending on age and country. Among them, Indian hair is relatively soft, Vietnam's hair and Chinese hair are slightly harder. The hair cuticles are generally in the same direction. Remy human hair roots and tips are not in the same direction, which causes the cuticles on the hair to interweave with each other, and it is easier to knot, so it must be treated with acid. To treated with acid is to remove a layer of cuticles from the hair, so that the hair is smoother and will not knot, but the hair is not protected by cuticles, and the service life will be reduced. So the price of remy human hair wigs are much cheaper than the price of raw hair and virgin hair.

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