Just how can I Repair My Lace Wig

by:Fayuan Hair     2020-07-09
Your lace wig is not acquired cheaply for you to take it as a given or throw it away when you find some defects. Will be the major some instances where no matter how good you care to use in your hairpiece; there will still some possibility of damage due to uncontrolled factors. For example, wear and tear repairs for shedding and connected with moisture in your hair due to environmental surroundings (e.g. winter) and maintenance. The following are steps for people you that attempt to repair your lace wig on person. The first and the best important step should do is simply clean and wash your wig and enable it to air dry and for convenience and ease place it globe mannequin head. Secondly, inspect the unit for any size holes. If you see any medium to large holes, you can repair it with the assistance of a small needle and invisible thread to sew them together and prevent shedding or further tearing. For repairing larger holes, you'll need to purchase an additional piece of lace, apply it upon the torn area and stitch around the sides. However if come across that some holes do not require needle or thread, simply apply clear nail polish on the area to avoid further tearing. Once you have repaired the holes, begin with repairing the loss hair on the lace wig. You will need a ventilation needle and holder, drinks . quality and texture of hair and magnifying glasses, then place yourself a great area with a lot of white mellow. Next, grab the hair through the needle and begin ventilating. Remember to single knot the front and double knot elsewhere. The single knots will appear more natural as well as the double knots holds longer. Continue to ventilate till to accomplish the desired hair density. If you have a lace front wig that has weft in the as well as some of your weft are loose, you can do the repair by sewing or gluing them back onto the . You can do so by applying excellent amount of glue to both tracks and press down for a couple of seconds. Use a hair dryer to dry the bond and wait for in the 24 hours before reusing your gadget. Lastly, if your lace wig has lost its shine, then you can revive it by either deep conditioning it for 1 week and/or reapplying eliminating of the unit with natural organic dye. But this has loss its texture then its recommended that you seek a professional wig company and specialist to revive your texture in order to attempting to treat it yourself. Kapenzo Hair a good educated, reputable, stable, honest and sincere company that's looking out for YOUR best interest! It's the responsible thing to provide! Protect your investment and yourself. SHOP SMART @ TheLaceWigSStore.com! And also Feel Glamorous with Lace Wigs!
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