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How Much Should I Charge For Custom Wigs


Custom wigs are constructed specifically for an individual,and are the most natural looking option.As one might expect, these are the most expensive option for wig wear-but if made well, a custom wig or hairpiece can last a lifetime. Not only do custom pieces look very specific, they are the most natural option for most people.

Why custom wig? How to determine your work is worth?Then,how much should you charge to customize a wig? Is it great price? Let us get in the custom wigs human hair world and you will find out the answers from this passage.

Why Custom Wigs?

This actually isn’t a sales pitch for commissioning a wig from us, though the title may sound like it. This is a breakdown of how and when having a custom wig built is going to be worth the additional cost. If you’re not sure exactly what makes a wig” custom”, that means we create the entire wig from scratch.

It’s tailored to fit the client.We put all of the hair into by hand, including a hand-knotted (or lace-front) hairline. We make our custom wigs human hair and facial hair just like they make them for film and TV.Much the same way wigs have been built for centuries.

Custom wigs are very popular right now. You can buy them all over the place, in local shops or on the internet. They come in a seemingly endless range of colors, styles, and prices.

You can even pick up machine made “lace front” custom wigs human hair with decent hairlines at very reasonable prices. Most of those can be restyled using heat tools. So why spend substantially more money and time having a wig or beard made to order?

The short answer is, quality. The longer answer is that the cheaper and more accessible options might work perfectly well for many uses, but what about the other times? Let’s say you’re creating a really special costume.

You’ve spent hours sourcing the perfect fabric and materials. More hours painstakingly sewing your garment. And a whole other bunch of hours tracking down the accessories and props and designing yourmakeup. If you’ve put that much time, energy and money into creating the best costume, it’s worth considering having the custom wigs or facial hair made to go with it.


What Does Spending $150-$700 On A Custom Wig Will Get You?

The right wig-color, texture, length

We are custom wig makers. We can build almost anything. That’s especially important if you need a wig or facial hair that isn’t likely to be available as a mass-produced product. For our Santas, cosplayers, reenactors and tribute artists, having a wig built to order means all of the details will be right -no wrong colors, plastic sheen or hair that just isn’t the right texture.

The right fit

Let’s say you manage to track down a wig in the right color and mostly the right style. The hairline is even decent on it, since it has a shallow machine-made lace front. Many people might be able to use the wig as it is, which is great. But what if this custom wigs human hair doesn’t fit your head? You put it on, and you pull and you tug, and it doesn’t cover your nape, your forehead or your ears. Fitting issues get worse with updos and short hairstyles.

The right hairline

This tends to be the weakest link for most mass-produced wigs. You’re going to need a good hairline unless you are planning to wear heavy bangs or a hat. Do you want to have the custom wigs human hair pulled back from your face? Then you need a wig with a lace front hairline. And that hairline needs to match up well enough with your own hairline to cover it completely. This is really important if your own hair is very dark but your wig is white or light, or if your own hairline is quite a bit higher or thinner than the desired style.

The right style

You’re going to need to either buy a wig that looks exactly like the hairstyle you’re going for, or you’re going to have to try and re-style it to do what you need. If you’re comfortable with hair and custom wig styling, then you’ll probably do great with a purchased piece. If styling isn’t in your wheelhouse, then it might be good to job that out.

The right hair

This goes back to quality, and also getting the right wig for the job. You do get what you pay for and if realism and believability are important to you, or you want to use your wig for a long time.If your custom wigs human hair needs to be easily styled and restyled, it’s important to make sureyour wig is created from the best hair for the job. That means carefully chosen, good looking, realistic, durable hair, in an appealing color or colors and the appropriate texture. This is really important for facial hair, historical or a wig that needs to look act like “real” hair.


Wig Tech Support

When we build a wig for you, we become part of your support team. Any time you have questions about using it, caring for it or wearing it, we’re here to help. We are professional custom wig makers. We guide you through each part of the process, from ordering to routine maintenance.We offer a full guidance of cleaning and maintenance so when your piece needed some serious attention, we’re here.

So how do you decide if it’s worth it? In general, if you’re doing a project and you can tick off two or more of the above points, then you might want to consider a custom wig. If you’re just doing the project casually, or for a single event, then it might not make sense to have a piece made. But if you plan to wear your wig or beard frequently or for the next decade, you’ll probably be happier in the long run if you get your pieces made to order.

How Much Should I Charge To Make A Wig

The cost of a wig depends on the features. Everyone want to purchase a wonderful wig. When you receive a quotation from a hair supplier, will you confuse about the price of the hair? Keep reading to get the tips and find a good quality custom wig that’s right in your price range!


How to determine your work is worth

Once you have a job, you have to figure out how much to charge. This can be extremely confusing for people just stariting out in wig work. There a couple of ways to determine how much your work is worth:

Do your research

Look on the Internet at sites for wig companies and see how much they are charging for their products. An average of these prices will give you an idea what the going rate is for things.

Different areas of the country will likely have different rates—what you sell a custom wig for in New York City will be more expensive than what you are able to sell it for in a small mid western town.

Charge by the hour

Sometimes, charging by the hour is the best way to approach payment. This is especially true if it is an unusual project that is nothing like anything else you have done before. Guess how long it will take, so that you can at least give a company an estimate.

If you begin work and it seems like you greatly underestimated the time involved, contact the company immediately. They may wish to find a different solution to this problem or have you continue with the wig project as planned,but they need to be notified.

A word of caution—charging by the hour can backfire if you are very slow. A company should not have to pay for your lack of speed. In this case, it maybe better to determine a fee ahead of time.


Charge by supplies

One formula that can be used to price a project is to determine how much the supplies for a project will cost and then double that number to find your labor charge. For example,if the supplies for a project cost $100,then the labor will cost $200, bringing the total of the project to $300.


Charge by stock usefulness

This method is used when you have a wig stock that is rented out to customers. The first few times you rent out a stock item, it is in prime conditionand will cost the renter more. You will need to charge an appropriate price to pay for the supplies and labor that it took to make the custom wigs human hair. As the wig gets used over and over again, it will begin to show some wear and tear. You will then charge less each time you rent out the wig.


What Determines Price of A Wig

The main wigs’ price determinants are: wigs’ materials quality, hair typehuman hair or synthetic, African American ), hair length (long, medium, short), colour, hairstyle, way of wig manufacturing (hand-tied or mass production), wig’s cap ( lace front, capless, etc.), brand, construction, hair texture (straight, curly, wavy), cap size , heat friendly or not.

The most expensive are human hair wigs that are hand-crafted and have monofilament cap. They look very natural, are made of quality materials. The cheapest custom wigs are synthetic hair wigs for entertainment (Halloween wigs and etc.), they look unnaturally and can be worn not for a long time.


How Much Should I Charge To Customize A Wig

Synthetic wigs cost from $27 to $400 and more. Short wigs cost from $28 to $310 and more. Medium wigs cost from $27 to $353 and more. Long wigs cost from $30 to $400 and more.Hand-tied wigs cost from $191 to $400 and more. Lace front wigs cost from $46 to$400 and more. Monofilament wigs cost from $90 to $333 and more.

Human hair wigs cost from $150 to $1340 and more. Natural short wigs cost from $150 to $388 and more. Medium length wigs cost from $175 to $1000 and more. Long wigs cost from $200 to $1340 and more. Human hair hand-tied wigs cost from $900 to $1340 and more. Lace front wigs cost from $170 to $1340 and more. Natural monofilament wigs cost from $375 to $1250and more.


Fayuan Hair - Specialize In Customizing Wig

Are you looking for a custom wig supplier? Want to customize a unique wigs? Afraid of finding a bad quality wig? Hey, Fayuan Hair will be a good choice for you.

Our company have years of creating custom wigs. We offer:

1. Natural wave frontal wig

2. Kinky curly frontal wig

3. Body wave full lace wig

4. 613 Blonde deep wave wig

5. Natural color silky straight virgin hair wig ,ect..


The Steps Of Custom Wig On Fayuan Hair

Custom orders are made especially for you according to your specifications one hair at a time. Therefore, returns are not accepted. We recommend that you take your measurements carefully for three times to ensure that your custom order fits correctly.

Fayuan Hair use the finest hair available on the market today. Most of the price of your custom lace wig will depend on the desired length of hair you select. We don’t charge extra for baby hair or bleached knots.


You may take your own measurements by hand and input them into the custom order form. Please view the instructional measurement chart for taking self-measurements.


Hair Color

You may select any base color and can combine two or even three colors. You create the look and style you want. If you dont see the color that you want, upload a photo of the desired color.


Hair Texture

Select from our standard curl patterns, or upload a photo so that we may replicate.


Production Time

Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery of custom wigs. You may request a rush on your custom order which will shorten the completion time to abut 4-5 weeks production. Allow a full 5 weeks for delivery of rush orders. If you have any questions pertaining to the custom order, please feel free to contact us.

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