How is Hair Extensions Attached?

by:Fayuan Hair     2020-06-07
There are many various ways in which you can even make your hair long. These are the general terms the industry uses to represent the process. There are many variations of the aforementioned methods based on the average person who is performing the actual ranging from braid weave, tree braids, individuals, latch hooks, pole method and more often. Please consult with your stylist before choosing a way. 1) Weaving: A process in an individual create tracks on the individuals head and sew the head of hair extensions located on. This method is essentially the most widely used method in adding long hair. 2) Braiding: A process in which you add extensions by braiding them when. There are many kinds of braiding techniques which varies from one skilled beautician to a new. Tree Braid, Braid Weave or Individuals, Cornrow, and French Braid purely to name a few. 3) Ring loop: One of the new process rrn which the metal ring is on the head of hair ready to require using the His & Her Ring - Xer. It is especially easy in order to apply and can be re-used. 4) I-Tip hair extensions: A process in which an 'I' shaped glue is already on the tip of your hair ready to be attaching thanks to the His & Her Extension Iron or using a Ring. With the Ring, there is no heat used in the hair follicles. 5) U-Tip: A process in that the U shaped glue is definitely on the end of the hair ready to install by when using the His & Her Extension Iron. 6) Hot glue gun method: A process in which your extension locks are attached directly to your own hair by heated glue stick. In this method, a polymer glue stick is placed inside a glue gun which heats and melt the attach. Then, the hair extension and the glue are attached directly onto those hair. 7) Bonding: The simplest method. Bonding glue is brushed or applied onto the weft of this extension hair and then it is applied at the foundation of the of the individual's hair. May possibly easily be removed any remover the glue includes. This is a temporary method. 8) Clip in hair extensions: An activity in how the extension locks are pre-cut and it possesses clips attached on the weft to clip as well as off to any own flowing hair. It is very easy and easy to put. You can put it on or take it as you please.
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