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Five Types Of Wigs Technology


Nowadays, there are many techniques for wig manufacturing, and each technique has different advantages and disadvantages. This article aims to let people understand the knowledge of different wig manufacturing technologies.

Fullhand-woven (full lace):

Advantages: The entire hair cover is fullhand-crocheted, light thin, realistic and breathable.

Disadvantages: less hair volume, full hand crocheting is easy to lose hair, break net and knotted.

The requirements for care are very high.

(The raw materials can only use over-acid hair)

There is the best comfort.

Semi-hand Knitting: partly hand-made, partly machine-made, realistic hand-made.

Advantages: the density can be increased by increasing hair volume as required, the mechanism part is not easy to fall off, and the service life is long.

Disadvantages: Medium breathability

(We can use virgin hair or remy hair as part of the mechanism as required)

(Most used)

Mechanism: The entire hair cover is machine-made

Disadvantages: medium realistic, medium permeability

Advantages: Long service life.

(All specified materials can be used)

Because the realistic is medium, it is not recommended.

(Most economical)

Drip Needle Technology:

Single drip needle (used by high-end customers, technology specific to virgin hair materials)

Advantages: can retain the cuticles and characteristics of virgin hair, very realistic handwork, high material quality requirements. Configuration of virgin hair, the mechanism part has a good effect, using the best technology and materials on the market.

Cons: High price.

(The best simulation)

Double Drip Needle Technology:

Advantages: Medium simulation and ordinary price

Disadvantages: short life, only use over-acid hair.

(Medium simulation)

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